Ux umbrella

A nice visual about the true nature of good UX…. teamwork across disciplines!


Design disruptors

Cool video of a documentary by InVision about the value of design in some of the worlds leading tech companies.


Right brain vs. left brain

In this world we need the structure of left brained individuals and the creativity of right brained individuals. I’d like to consider myself a hybrid, building the bridge between left and right. creative_leadership_mini

UX checklist

A nice resource for when you are planning your next UX project. Contains a lot of nice techniques to use during different stages of the development process. Check it out here: http://uxchecklist.github.io/

The internet of Things

A very nice video made by IBM demonstrating the meaning of ‘the internet of things’ and what a smart planet will mean for our future.


This video by the Microsoft Windows Phone design team discusses the rise and the change of interaction design and user experience design. Moving from designing for one device for one user to designing for a network of various users. “We are now all part of something bigger, but most of us don’t realize it yet…”. Check out the video, it is good food for thought!

A background article about the video can be found here 8 insights about the coming era of interactive design

Everything is a remix

Is creativity really based upon copying? This video makes you believe so! I believe it makes a strong point and that we shouldn’t forget that we always make use of the work of others.


This is the TED talk related to the video. In the talk Kirby Ferguson is arguing that everything around us is a remix, meaning that we all get inspired by the world around us, transform it and then build new things. But should we be trying to patent everything, like a slide to unlock function on a smartphone, or should we embrace the remixing and let innovation flourish?


Relevance by design

This movie gives an interesting perspective on the history and current developments within the design profession. It is not sufficient anymore to just create nice products and promote them in fancy brochures. This is the time of the intergrated customer experience, where user and company have many touchpoints, made by designers.

The power of digital

A nice story about the way the digital world is expected to keep growing and what it will mean for digital innovations.

The ROI of UX

This video explains why UX work should be considered valuable and why you should spend money on it. Actually it will save you money and give you extra benefits!

A shift to a circular economy

A very nicely animated video that arguements for the benefits of a circular economy. Digital communication technology is enabling a lot of those possibilities.