During the Joint Master Project at TU Delft our team was asked by Pepsico to research the Turkish tea time ritual in order to launch a new product targeting this moment.

My job

In an international team of 6, I was responsible for creating probing materials, conducting user tests, writing reports and contributing to the final design and presentation.

The process

This project focussed on context mapping. To gather in depth insights, different methods were applied. Probing materials were created. Users were asked to fill out a dairy, describing their actions, thoughts and emotions. During user testing sessions, different food products were tested and questionnaires were filled out. User observations were made in households during the ritual. Eventually all these research outcomes were gathered in a ‘war room’ and posted on all walls. Patterns and behaviours were identified. These formed the basis for the design of the final product.

For an impression, check out this research report.

The result

All design research was processed and presented as valuable quantitative and qualitative insights. The research led to the creation of three different so called ‘solution spaces’, or what you could see as design directions. Eventually a product & package design was made for the company. A luxurious snack box was designed by our team.  Recently Pepsico launched a product on the Turkish market under the name ‘A la Turca’, to be served during tea time.

The JMP project was passed with a 9.