Participating in the Hackathon to develop a concept based on the wind forecasting challenge.

My Job

First I had tot find a team, which I joined as a designer/analyst. After formation, in our team of 3 I was responsible for the development of the concept & value proposition, creating the pitch presentation and prototyping/wireframing the interface. We created a small scenario using google slides.


We started of with a general concept of visualising the wind forecast in a farm. First some sketching and ideation was done. We tried to find the industry knowledge needed. The concept was continuously validated with the mentors & industry professionals in the room, to sharpen the value proposition.  I started straight of with the final pitch presentation, working on it for 2 days, continuously iterating on it, to capture the essence of our pitch. For the pitch I’ve prototyped a scenario of an interface in Adobe Illustrator. I presented the pitch to the jury in 3 minutes, and 2 minutes Q&A.

The Result

We’ve developed a concept around smart individual wind turbine management based on a smart windforecasting algorithm.

After pitching to the jury, our team has won both the ‘technical challenge’ and the ‘overall challenge’.

See final pitch below:


Launch Project

See it Live!