The ‘innovatiekring Internet of Things’ was an initiative of Syntens (now Kamer van Koophandel) and TNO, helping companies to create value propositions based on connected products. Working as a freelancer as Greenberg Design, I’ve joined the ‘kring’, where I have participated and contributed to the concept development.

Three cases were presented:

– Fast & Fluid, paint mixing machines

– van der Luyt, Food logistics based on conservation using bacteria and a smart sensor

– Flaxfield, Online entity of tank containers

My job

Active participant of the design cases. Responsible for the processing of the workshop materials into readable journals.

The process

In 5 design workshops the cases have been explored and a (number of) concepts have been developed. During these workshops a number of different methods were used, including Network Focussed Design (NFD), Context mapping, customer journeys and the business model canvas.

The result

15 journals have been created for all three clusters, capturing the information generated during the sessions.

For an impression, see this report