From the start of the company Itonomy I’ve been involved in the creation of the brand, identity & online channels. I’ve content managed the website for 3,5 years in which we made about 5 iterations to new versions of the website.

My Job

Taking ownership over the creation, structure and content on the website. Making sure the website is filled with rich content and has the right copywriting tone of voice targeting the right target group.


Once Itonomy started as a startup it needed a name, a logo and a website. After some brainstorming sessions the name was chosen. The logo and a stylesheet were created by the art director. These have been translated to an online website design. The first website was a 1-pager with a custom theme built in WordPress. After a few iterations a complete new site and theme were created to take the site to a next level.

The Result

The website is open and attracts a few hundred visitors a month, giving an impression about the company. The site targets potential new customers and potential new employees. The CMS allows the company to easily manage the site.


Launch Project

See it Live!