Creating & maintaining New Relic Insights dashboards for multiple customers. New Relic is a application performance monitoring tool, see

My job

Based on the¬†defined values and parameters in the Itonomy ecommerce plugin, the data is send to the cloud, where it can be processed. Together with the software engineers, I’ve written functional requirements for the plugin and tested the software.¬†It was my responsibility to create custom dashboards based on the wishes of the clients. Using NRQL (New Relic Query Language) I’ve created dashboards for different customers based on their requirements. New Relic provides apps that you can use to open the dashboards on TV/desktop/tablet/mobile.

The process

The Itonomy ecommerce plugin was created first and has had many iterations via Scrum, based on technical improvements and client wishes. Once data was transmitted to the databases in the cloud, the dashboards were created. Itonomy has a standard set of dashboards and KPI’s, which can be customized per client. In client meetings their wishes were discussed. During workshops the dashboards and their capabilities have been explained.

The result

The dashboards have succefully been implemented for 4 clients of Itonomy, giving insights in technical, business and customer data. The KPI’s give ecommerce managers data driven tooling to optimize their ecommerce enivronments.

Alerting has been added to the service, done in collaboration with Elysion ECMS, giving ‘peace of mind’ for shop managers on the availability of their services.


Launch Project

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