For the interactive technology design course we were asked to come up with a working prototype for an office communication concept.

My job

In a team of 6, I was responsible for interaction design, concept development, blogging, reporting and presenting.


The course started with a basic introduction to programming in Arduino / MaxMSP. A design challenge was presented by our mentor. Over different iterations the prototype was developed. All final designs were presented and graded during the ITD exhibition, an open all day to visitors.


We developed an unobtrusive office communicator. The communicator can be used in the office between different colleagues, just like a pneumatic tube. The picture shows the interactive prototype, which has been built from scratch. The project was passed with an 8.

This poster explains the concept.

And we’ve made a small brochure.

More information about the project can be found on the weblog

The final design movie gives a good impression of the concept.