The OWee is the introduction week of Delft University of Technology, hosting over 2500 students for 5 days with an extensive program. I was part of the OWee board 2009, consisted of 8 students and 2 TU Delft supervisors.

My job

I was chief of promotions, responsible for multiple tasks; graphic design, website, DPT & different parts of the program. For this week we’ve produced several printed materials, such as backpacks, shirts, booklets, flyers, posters, wrist bands, etc.

The process

We’ve created a theme and brand identity. Once our identity and program was established, all print & promotional material had to be made. A themed website was created to provide all involved parties of information. During the event we had to support the different parts of the program.

The result

Over 2500 new students were welcomed to Delft and its vibrant student culture. Over 3000 shirts and 5000 backpacks were produced. Printed materials included a booklet of 200 pages send to all upcoming students, posters, flyers and banners. The budget gathered by the aquisition team was over €300k

Launch Project

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