Migrating to a new webshop with a responsive design based on the rebranding of Sapph.

My job

My main focus during the project was on Interaction design and project management. I was an active participant in the customer journey workshops and a partner of our Art Director who was in the lead of creating the brand identity, flow charts, interaction design & visual design. I was in the lead for the creation and maintenance of the JIRA SCRUM environment shared with the teams. During and after the project I was the primary contact for the customer.

The process

I started with scoping the project and creating functional requirements. Writing a functional design (FO) and a technical design (TO) with the help of our engineers & architects. A quotation has been composed and send to the client based on the functional & technical design. After the signature was set, there was a creative phase first, defining the online brand identity in a styleguide. A customer journey workshop was done with the client by hanging a 3m poster on the wall to identify focus points. This was the basis for the interaction design, the flow chart defining all the pages eventually the visual design. Once the interaction design was done, the back-end engineers started creating the software. The front-end engineers started based on the visual design. See prototypes below:

Invision prototype VD

Invision prototype IO


After the project was launched, I’ve been the primary contact for over 2 years, working on

– minor RFC’s

– Internationalisation

– Technical interfacing optimalisation

– Shopping feed management

The result

Sapph now has a responsive webshop, based on the brands new identity.

The webshop now processes thousands of orders a year representing a large revenue.

Comparing 2016 to 2017 a growth of 63% in revenue and 32% in conversion rate has been achieved.


Launch Project

See it Live!