Development of a ‘personal’, ‘quick’ and ‘energetic’ seamless shopping experience.

My Job

As an information analyst I was responsible for mapping the ‘as-is’ situation and developing the ‘to-be’ situation. In close collaboration with the product owner a vision for the functionalities for Tap to go has been created. The technical Tap to go landscape consist of over 10 different software components within the AH corporate landscape. All software components must be integrated to deliver a functional system. I delived a technical, functional and design backlog and executed all tasks necessary to get to the product delivery.


The figure below illustrates the followed process. Starting in phase 3, a number of high level features and goals were described. Using a ‘lean scrumban’ approach several activities were executed to formulate a roadmap and an goal for the phase 3 end state. An analysis of the current as-is situation of the product identified technical and business challenges. A customer journey map indicated points for improvement in the customer experience. Using a wheighted shortest job matrix different stories were assessed on feasibilty and value add. The functional design was based on a story-component matrix, indicating the needed changes across different systems to get the stories to work. It also formed the blueprint for all the tickets in the JIRA ticketing system. The UX design was built with Sketch, indicating screen designs and user flows in the app, followed by a visual design based on the design system of Albert Heijn to Go. The development was executed by a development team consisting of Mulesoft, IoS and Android developers and a tester. In Tableau / Google analytics user insight and product performance dashboards were setup to track the performance of the product. A roll out and realease plan was made and executed to get the whole increment to production. Several smaller releases were made followed by a big version update. As a member of the team I have worked on all these activities.

The Result

Tap to go evolved from a proof of concept (poc) to a mature shopping and payment solution. The concept has been introduced to 5 new stores. New versions of the IoS and Android app have been launched and are used daily by a large number of consumers.







The tap to go app has been rewarded with a Dutch Interactive gold Award and a Red Dot design award



Launch Project

See it Live!